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😎Keep Calm & Just Chill.πŸ˜‰

I’M Soo😎 Cool, Ice πŸ˜„Cubes Are Jealous.😑

I’M Sexy😎 & I Know It.πŸ˜†

Never Accept To Be😎 Anyone’S πŸ˜€Second Choice.😨

Love😍 Your Haters😑, They Are😘 You Biggest Fans.😎

Its Good πŸ˜ŽThing To Feel Like You Have To ProveπŸ˜‹ Something.😲

I’M The Guy, U Will πŸ˜‘Hate Nd Your Sisters πŸ˜ŽWill Date.😘

Genius😁 By Birth, πŸ˜ˆEvil By Choice.

Do What’s πŸ˜œRight Not Easy.😎

I Don’T Trust😒 Words, I Trust Actions.😝

Warning!!! πŸ˜±I Know Karate😑 And Few Other Oriental😑 Words😎

 πŸ˜‹Don’t Blame😩 Me, I Was Born Awesome.😎

  All Girls😎 Are My πŸ˜Sisters Except You😘.

 I Am A Hot Dud🀷‍♂️e With A Cool Attitude.😎

 A SenseπŸ€” Of Humor Makes😎 A Man Handsome.🀠

I Love My Haters😈, They Make Me Famous.😎

 If You Are Bad😈, Then Call Me Your πŸ˜¬Dad.

 Totally Available😈!! Please DisturbπŸ˜‡ Me!!

 I Love πŸ˜Listening Lies😜 When I Know Truth.😎😠

 I Am Not Perfect😎. I Am Limited Editions.πŸ˜‰

 It’S Not An Attitude😎, It’S The Way I Am.😜

 Home πŸ˜Ž: Where I Can Look πŸ˜΅Ugly And Enjoy It.😁

 Before You😎 Judge Make Sure😡 You Are Perfect.😱

Respect ThoseπŸ˜™ Who Deserve It Not Demand😳 It.

 I Salute All My πŸ˜ŽHater With My πŸ€«Middle Finger.πŸ§›‍♂

 πŸ˜‰Single Or Taken😍 ? Who Cares ? I Am Awesome.😎

Be Yourself😎; Everyone Else Is πŸ˜Already Taken.

 I Didn’T πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜΄Lose My Mind. I Just Sold It Online.

 NowadaysπŸ˜‹, “Cool” πŸ˜ŽMeans- “I Really Don’T Care.”😲

 Your πŸ˜ŽAttitude Can πŸ˜‘Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.😈

 πŸ˜ŽAnyone Can Be πŸ˜ŽCool, But Awesome Takes Practice.😍😁

My πŸ˜­Every Status Is A Silent Message To Someone.

 πŸ˜ŽI Am So Single That For Me πŸ˜²Gf Means Grandfather.😎

 Life Is To😩 Short To Waste On Hating Other People.😑

 I Am πŸ˜ˆNot Useless πŸ˜‘, I Can Be Used As A Bad Example.😎

 I An Not πŸ˜¨Lazy, I Am Just On My Energy πŸ˜“Saving Mode.😎

 God😁 Is ReallyπŸ˜‹ Creative, I Mean…Just Look At Me!!!😎

 I Tried To BeπŸ˜’ Normal. πŸ˜‘😠Worst Two Minutes Of My Life.

Yes I Am SmilingπŸ˜ƒ And You’Re Not The Reason Anymore.

 πŸ˜ŽI May Be Real Bad Boy, But BabyπŸ˜… I’M A Real Good Man.😱

 People Say😠 Me Bad.. But Assurance Me I Am The Worst!😎😨

 My Attitude😎 Will Always😱 Be Based On How You Treat Me.😑

 Self Confidence Is The Best Outfit, Rock It & Own It.

Only Fools😎 Fall In πŸ˜Love And I Think, I Am One Of Them.😴

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